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81386271For our clients protection, we use a secure messaging system with all clients.  Our messaging system is HIPAA compliant.  The system is very simple to use.

  1.  The client makes initial contact.  We will phone you within 24 hours.
  2. When we phone you we will direct you to our client contact form, if appropriate.  We will also give you a private code for email purposes.
  3. When you receive email from us, you will need to use that private code in order to open the message.
  4. To respond to mail from us, always use the “reply” button as this will safeguard your response.

For more information on how our secure email works, read this.


Note:  Please DO NOT email us anything that may contain sensitive information.  E Mail is not secure and may be intercepted by someone other than yourself.  By using a secure message system, you agree to receive a private code to send/receive email and you agree to safeguard that code.   There may be a delay or failure in receiving your mail.


We offer a number of our Alternative Dispute Resolution services online for the convenience of our clients.  You can access our Online Platform here.

We are also exploring the possibility of providing telehealth services via videoconferencing.


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