Our Recommended Reading List

Mediation and Negotiation

Fisher, R., Ury, W. (2011).  Getting to yes: Negotiating agreement without giving in.  Penguin Books. New York: NY.

Goodman, A. 1994)  Basic skills for the new mediator. Solomon Publications. Rockville: MD.

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Reardon, K. K. (2004).  The skilled negotiator: Mastering the language of engagement. Jossey Bass. San Francisco: CA.



Katz, N. H., Lawyer, J. W., Sweedler, M. K. (1985).  Communication & conflict resolution skills.  Kendall Hunt Publishing Company.  Dubuque:  IA

Workplace Conflict


Auerbach, J. E. (2001)  Personal and executive coaching: The complete guide for mental health professionals. Executive College Press: Venture: CA.

Frisch, M. H., Lee, R. J., Metzger, K. L., Robinson, J., Rosemarin, J. (2012)  Becoming an exceptional executive coach: Use your knowledge, experience, and intuition to help leaders excel.     American Management Association. New York: NY.

Jones, T. S., Brinkert, R. (2008).  Conflict coaching: Conflict management strategies and skills for the individual.  Sage Publications Inc.  Thousand Oaks: CA.

Kimsey-House, H., Kimsey-House, K., Sandahl, P., Whitworth, L. (2011)  Co-active coaching: Changing business transforming lives. 3rd ed. Nicholas-Breakley Publishing.  Boston: MA.


Sande, K. (2004)  The Peacemaker: A biblical guide to resolving personal conflicts. Baker Books. Grand Rapids: MI.

Noll, D. (2003)  Peacemaking: Practicing at the intersection of law and human conflict.  Cascadia Publishing House. Telford: PA.

The Arbinger Institute. (2015)  The Anatomy of Peace: Resolving the heart of conflict. Berret-Koehler Publishers. Oakland: CA.

The Arbinger Institute (2010) Leadership and self-deception: Getting out of the box. Berret-Koehler Publishers. Oakland: CA.

Parent Coordination

Boyan, S.M., Termini, A. M. (2005) The psychotherapist as a parent coordinator in high conflict divorce: Strategies and techniques.  Routledge. New York: NY

Ricci, I. (1997).  Mom’s House, Dad’s House.  Simon & Schuster. New York: NY

Ricci, I. (2012)  The co-parenting toolkit: The essential supplement for Mom’s House, Dad’s House. Custody & Co-Parenting  Solutions. San Ramon: CA.


Michaelson, G.A., Michaelson, S. 2010.  The art of war for managers 2nd ed.  Adams Media. Avon: MA.

Tzu, S. (2005)  The art of war. Special edition.  El Paso Norte Press.  El Paso: TX.

Tzu, S. 1996.  The lost art of war.  HarperCollins.  New York: NY.

Public Speaking

Carnegie, D., Esenwein, J. B.  (2005) The art of public speaking: The complete self management handbook.  The Home Correspondence School. Springfield: MA.

Carnegie, D. (2016)  The quick & easy way to effective speaking. Rulpa Publications. New Delhi:India.


Reading and life are not separate but symbiotic. And for this serious task of imaginative discovery

and self-discovery, there is and remains one perfect symbol: the printed book.

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