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We offer the following services;

1.  Assessments – We are trained and registered to offer a variety of assessments including:

*  The EQ-i 2.0

*  The Thomas-Kilman Conflict Mode Instrument

*  The Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS-II)

*  The VIA Survey of Character Strengths

* The Conflict Dynamics Profile (soon)


All of these assessments

Gather important personality data for the client

Provide feedback across several competencies related to relationships

Measure the four key constructs of Emotional Intelligence

Measures your leadership style

Assesses your Conflict typology

2.  CoachingWe are trained and competent Coaches.  We completed training under the Mentor Coach training program and am working towards the Mentor Coach Certification.   We also are fully trained in the Cinergy® Model of Conflict Coaching. We also are trained in the Comprehensive Conflict Coaching Model.  We are also pursuing certification with the International Coach Federation.  As a coach we will;

  • Assess your current strengths
  • Discuss your desired goals
  • Map out and implement a plan to get you there

So what is Conflict Coaching?

Together we will;

  • Meet for at least three (3) months (most clients realize significant change after 3 months)
  • Conduct weekly or biweekly teleconferences (your preference)
  • Experience a mutual relationship based on accountability

3.  Executive RetreatsThrough these retreats the organization will;

  • Develop a new appreciation for co workersservices
  • Begin to positively modify the organizational climate
  • Realize a healthier workplace and increased productivity

Retreats will;

  • Occur over a 3 day weekend
  • Include exercises, didactic experiences, role plays, and team building exercises
  • Develop an understanding of Emotional Intelligence in the organization

The objective of the retreat is to create a fun yet substantive, experiential learning in a comfortable environment.  The situs for the retreat and the subject matter for the retreat are jointly planned and developed by the facilitator and an organizational representative.

4.  In Service Training and Seminars We offer programs which can be presented within the organization during scheduled in service training periods.   We will meet with your designated coordinator(s) to identify need and design presentations that will match the need.  These programs may occur during;

  • Brown Bag training
  • Scheduled in service training
  • Small group trainingbeing-productive-clipart21
  • Team Facilitation


5.  Structural Services

We also offer an array of business structural services;

  • Business Plan Coaching
  • Small Business Group Coaching
  • Strategic Planning
  • Facilitation for Strategic Planning
  • Other services as requested

6.  Alternative Dispute Resolution Services


Conflict Coaching       Conflict Coach

Mediation       mediate_logo3001


7.  Webinars We can create a webinar to meet your particular training needs.  In addition, we are building a library of most commonly requested trainings.

8.  Family Services

PreMarital and Relationship Building – Using the PrePare Enrich Inventory.

Parent Coordination – We are one of seven Parent Coordinators in the entire State of Delaware.  More, we are only the one holding both a terminal degree in the Law and a terminal credential in Psychotherapy*.  We can offer a sensitive, empathetic alternative to an angry and destructive family dissolution.





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