Calming The Anger Storms

A  Podcast

A few years ago we hosted this show every Wednesday night. You can still find us on iTunes. That was fun and we had some excellent guests.  Its been much too long.  The times have changed and we need to begin our work again.

This show is a community service where we present different topics all related to Emotional Intelligence and Conflict Resolution. In addition, we discuss inspirational stories of overcoming other social issues. Finally, we just offer some down to earth basic explanations of the process of change.

This rebirth will be in the same genre.  However, we will be listed on Buzzsprout, iTunes, and Spotify. We will continue to interview guests and present challenging thoughtful presentations.

Catch us on our home page at our Facebook page.

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Check out our programming.  Our upcoming episode is Courage: A Discussion with Dr. Pamela Keyes

More details to come.

NOTE:  We are currently looking for sponsors for this new show

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.     

Leo Tolstoy

The show is fully funded through your generous contributions. Join my special guests and me every Wednesday night.