Courage: A Discussion with Dr Pamela Keye

In this episode, we introduce to some and present to others Dr. Pamela Keye.  Dr. Keye is a proud lioness of Lincoln University.  Her courage is encouraging and inspirational.

Pam has lived what very few will.  Now she is rebranding herself and finding not everyone that smiles in your face is a friend.  She has endured much but has not lost the spirit that says he has much more to offer.

Pam is an educator, she is a soror to the Vice Presidential candidate, she is a mother of two, and she is a grandmother.  I am proud to call her a friend.

She is an overcomer and her story will show you from where that courage emanates.  Again, I introduce to some and present to others, my friend, my confidant, and a model of the Scriptural passage that holds,

The enemy meant it for evil, but God meant it for the good.

Genesis 50:20

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