About Us

A Brief Overview

Williams Garcia & Associates is the properly registered “doing business as” entity for our parent organization, the Center for a Positive Humanity Inc. We are located just 10 miles south of Dover in Kent County, Delaware.  We are a Conflict Resolution practice. Our primary lead is well trained in Conflict Resolution and offers an amazing background.  Our office offers a home atmosphere which lessens the formality of our services from the outset. We moved to the Felton area in 2016 and we are blessed to have a quiet rural living yet close enough to have the urban experience when we desire it.

We offer Mediation, Negotiations, Facilitation, and even Arbitration for any group, family, church, or business that may find themselves embroiled in irreconcilable conflict.  We are trained and have great experience in dealing with conflict and we believe most conflicts can be resolved without destroying relationships.

We also offer an in house Notary which can serve all your Notary needs.

Lastly, we are developing a call to serve other non-profit entities in the area by offering Grant writing and proposal writing services.

As you can see we are very diversified in our range of services.  We are ready, willing, and able to serve you.  In the end, we Hope

We serve you to be a better you.

Our Mission Statement

We serve the people of the tri-state (Pennsylvania, Delaware, and Maryland) area to develop peaceful resolution of the conflict in their lives thus enabling them to be more able to serve each other philanthropically.

Our Vision

We aspire towards a time when people will resolve their conflict constructively using this energy to collectively build new communities of service and services for the underprivileged.

Our Service Statement –  We serve you to be a better you