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Williams-Garcia & Associates is a Conflict Resolution practice of Center for a Positive Humanity LLC.  We are dedicated to the idea of helping you to be a better you.  We strive to help you transform negative conflict into the positive aspects of conflict.  We have the tools, knowledge, and experience to achieve those results.

We offer a full range of Alternative Dispute Resolution services, including Mediation and Facilitation.

The peaceful, positive resolution of your conflict is too serious to entrust just anyone to help you. We offer the training and experience of an Attorney and licensed Psychotherapist. This has prepared us to resolve conflict with the sensitivity and empathy required to ensure relationships are not broken.

In addition, we were trained at the Duncum Center for Conflict Resolution, Abilene Christian University, specifically in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution.

We offer graduates of the esteemed Conflict Resolution Program at Abilene Christian University.

We are guided by the Holy Scripture that says, Blessed are the peacemakers; for they shall be called the children of God. Matthew 5:9

What makes our practice unique is we focus on relationships. We want to help you build better relationships*. We do this by helping you to turn your negative conflict into the true benefit of conflict. This is growth, a deeper understanding, and a healthier outcome.

We can provide many of our services by way of Internet media and/or electronic media for the convenience of our clients.

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We are accepting inquiries for our Post Relationship, Co-Parenting Seminar.  For more info.

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*Please note we are experiencing health challenges, therefore, our practice will be adjusting accordingly 



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